If nature were an iPad

I saw a video of a 2 yr old given an iPad when they were first released. The child intuitively got it; a few swipes, a few clicks, and she was away.
Interacting with nature is equally intuitive. We can find our own way, without any training or preparation.

However, to achieve particular purposes on an iPad, it helps to know a good app.
Likewise, with nature, there are different ‘apps’ for different purposes.

The ‘Slow Down and Relax’ app is a good one on a weekend, in a lunch break or at a time when you’re feeling a little stressed or over-wound. This can be used in a few practical ways. One of my favourites is Laying on my back under a tree, or Sitting quietly on a park bench.

The ‘Getting present’ app is great to bring yourself out of stress and the stormy swirl of your mind, and in to a more resourceful, peaceful and grounded place. Nature provides plenty of opportunities here. This can be done by noticing with your senses (sight, sound, smell, touch, taste) rather than noticing with your thoughts. Allow yourself to experience what is around you without using words or labels in your head.

The ‘Systems Thinking’ app is great to cultivate your leadership and decision making amidst complexity. Nature is the ultimate system, with lots of parts interacting, with cause and effect relationships, with immediate and delayed responses, with energy and matter constantly changing and in motion.
When you use the apps above, your capacity to notice how natural systems work will be expanded. The transfer of this skill to your workplace, or community, to better see the wider systems and have greater wisdom and insight about where and how to apply effort and intention will be simultaneously enhanced.

Developing a relationship with nature is fun, and intuitive. Simple and directed actions can help you fulfil a variety of purposes that can enrich your work, your health and your life.


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