I spent 17 years running a facilitation consulting firm. I learned the language of business. I dealt with lots of leaders and leadership teams. I helped many organisations through periods of transformation and change.

Then nature called. Not the ‘I need to go to the bathroom ‘ kind of call. It was more like ‘Hey, what are you really doing?’

I spent 6 days alone on Flinders Island on an isolated patch of coastline at the mouth of a small river running down from Mt Strezlecki.  During my time alone in nature, something shifted within me. I fell deeply in love with nature again.

This love is helping me learn to love and respect myself, love and respect others and love and respect all of life on Earth.

I see that we are living out of harmony and balance with our beautiful Earth. As I connect with nature, I am learning to see the complex dynamic systems of life, of which we are a part.

So, now I am organising my life to connect people consciously with nature.

I am in the midst of a number of experiments to figure how I can contribute to a humanity who is in love with nature, and living that way.



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